Mulan ★½

Am I the only one who was really shocked on how comparatively good this is to the rest of the Disney love action remake?

Like yeah, the acting is really really horrible at points but like there's so many things they could've added that they didn't. They didn't make Will Smith into a little dragon sidekick, they didn't butcher the classic songs, they didn't butcher the original story. It's like it's not even a Mulan remake, like honestly there's almost nothing in common with the Disney film other than the basic skeleton, but unlike the Lion king where it's just a summary of the film and nothing else, this actually half-suceeds at telling a different story.

Well done Disney, you didn't make me want to commit another Satanic ritual to make you go bankrupt. I thought it worked with Star Wars but I was wrong.

Also I love how people are complaining about how the director is white. An all-Asian film about a woman being better than most men? THAT'S RACIST. Is it not enough that we get a female director? When I think of Mulan I don't think of "the film with the Asians in it", I think of a film about a woman who defies the expectations of her time and succeeds anyway and it just so happens to be set in China. Does a female director not fit the bill enough? Why do we even need one group of people to direct a film about their own group? Isn't cinema an art form? Art shouldn't be about who's making it, it should be about what they make. Disney films are 1% art nowadays, this one 1.1%. I see no difference from complaining about this film not being directed by an Asian person and a theme park ride not being made by the same race as whatever the mascot is on the sign before the ride.

Anyway It's your own fault if you're expecting sincere progressiveness from Disney (at least these days). They only do progressive stuff when it's easy and isn't integral to the plot and can be edited out easily.