Music ½

Women directors had to go through that weird pedophile film that people on Twitter went on about for a fortnight and now they have Sia about to do this shit. I hate cancel culture and Twitter in general but this kind of treatment and misrepresentation of neurodiverse people is so frequent and unspoken throughout society that I do not pity whatever is going to be done to her.

I can imagine Sia wouldn't be happy to watch a film about women and expresses views of putting in them in their place or something. In fact such a situation (thankfully) wouldn't happen because nobody would be so senseless to do such a thing and even if they were they couldn't get away with it.

I don't like the word "privileged" in a social context but that's what's this blatantly is. Punch down on the smaller people and nobody will complain. Even critically acclaimed films do this and get away with it. Ableism is literally encouraged on this website (check reviews of Forrest Gump) so I doubt this film will get a lower score than 2.3 here unless it somehow becomes trendy to accept neurodiverse people or if this film flops and for being a vanity project and only the people it'll insult will see it.

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