Pakistanley has written 34 reviews for films during 2020.

  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie


    w e v e g o t t o h a v e
    M O N E Y

  • Tenet


    Me: "hmm today I will spell TENET backwards"

    *Spells it backwards*


  • Adaptation.



    I feel like if I ever meet Charlie Kaufman then my immediate animal instinct would be to punch him in the face

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    What once was sacred was torn down.

    What was torn down was set on fire.

    The ashes were then pissed on.

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    Batman, the Wolverine, black widow and Ziggy stardust all get involved in this weird little rivalry between two wizards.

    This film is one that's so dedicated to it's premise that it's hard not to be impressed.

    But imagine this, you're one of the most celebrated and acclaimed directors of your era and you made a brilliant film set around 20th century London. It's a very good film but you've come to the credits and you realize "OH NO I FORGOT…

  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump


    So many horrible ableist reviews of this film on this site. So fucking disgusting

  • Mulan



    Am I the only one who was really shocked on how comparatively good this is to the rest of the Disney live action remake?

    Like yeah, the acting is really really horrible at points but like there's so many things they could've added that they didn't. They didn't make Will Smith into a little dragon sidekick, they didn't butcher the classic songs, they didn't butcher the original story. It's like it's not even a Mulan remake, like honestly there's almost…

  • Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back

    Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back

    What is it with Tom Kenny being made to replace people and him being incredibly noticeable in how he's not the original guy?

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey



  • Joker



    There's actually an important message about disability and mental illness in here. This film shows how people are not given an equal life by mental illness, upbringing and disability yet the system put in place by humanity expects everyone to be identical grey blobs with equal ability when that's not the reality.

    However this fucking message the film gives gets ignored everywhere because it's painful to hear, it's just so shocking as someone with a mental disability that this could…

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    Honestly the fact that Alita looks as uncanny as she does and this still being the best CG in any Robert Rodriguez film shows how masterful Robert Rodriguez is

  • Deadpool



    This film is for people who think a movie doing a cliché and telling you it's a cliché to your face is funny. I give it 2 and half stars for showing pegging in it alone