Possessor ★★★★

Possessor is a high-concept sci-fi horror thriller about a criminal organization that carries out hits by transferring the mind of their assassins into the bodies of people with access to the victims (such as family members), thus clearing any traces of suspicion that might lead back to them.

This is Brandon Cronenberg's much awaited second feature film, after Antiviral (2012). Not only he proves himself a director with a voice of his own, but also a superb writer. One of the highlights of Possessor is the methodic world and character building. He sets all the pieces on the board with precision, so that the entire narrative feels palpable and believable. There is a considerable amount of explicit violence in this film that also enforces that.

Although Brandon's work stands out from his father's in many ways, a first look at the graphic violence towards the human body might sound like a meeting point between the two of them. However, David Cronenberg's body horror is often a transformation of human flesh into something disgusting and pulsating with a life of its own. In Possessor, Brandon doesn't create anything else when he destroys the body, instead his visual statement is much more nihilistic and cold-blooded. These adjectives sound like a good fit for the entire film, which is often too distant or too methodical.

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