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  • Crime of Passion

    Crime of Passion


    This Chinese crime drama has stunning cinematography and camera work with perfect usage of modern technology... but the screenplay was so messed up that at the end most of us were wondering what was all this about! The film tells the story of Lu Yue Yue, a female detective, who gets tangled up in an investigation about a missing statue of Buddha (to me looked more like god Shiva) while in a love triangle with Xue Yu, her first romance,…

  • The Unthinkable

    The Unthinkable


    More projections about "evil Russians" but this time under the title of The Unthinkable. Amazingly how far would imagination go to reach stupidity! Like Russian people are tens of thousands kilometers from Sweden... so the dangerous rain will never reach them...

    I don't know how to judge this movie without insulting my intelligence... so for the effects and all action, as well as for the cinematography - 2 stars... everything else... zero!

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  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Thank you to my Letterboxd friends for recommending this film... just a note at the beginning: The English title should be "Go and See" not "Come and see", as the original one is Иди и смотри, and in any Slavic language "иди" means "go"! I am not sure what happened here!

    It was an amazing cinematographic masterpiece from any aspect: perfectly written screenplay, amazing photography and camera work, extraordinary acting and directing, maybe some of the editing needed some attention…

  • The Virtuoso

    The Virtuoso


    Anthony Hopkins is in... I will watch it... Chinese subtitles available... my wife is watching, too. So we just finished watching it, and both were disappointed!

    So many characters... so many flat and shallow characters... the narration was so bad that sometimes I wonder which one of the basic acting courses was skipped. Screenplay was written for the events to fit into the story and sequence of event's didn't make much sense.
    I liked the camera work, though... Anthony Hopkins'…