Repo Chick ★★½

Aesthetically repulsive; looks so fucking cheap and ugly, the sound design is so poor and underdeveloped, and Cox's directing is so embarrassing, that it only took about 15 minutes before I started wondering if this existed solely as a means to launder money. Alas, I was won over by Jaclyn Jonet's performance, which might not be "good" but feels like the exact performance Cox wanted, and before I knew it I found myself engaged in a plot insane enough to be admirable (Southland Tales comparisons are apt). The screenplay is clearly bursting with ideas, and is probably functional on the page before the reality of the budget/aesthetic come into play - how else to explain cameos from Karen Black, Frances Bay, and Rosanna Arquette? Angela Sarafyan manages to bring charm to her few scenes as an atypical henchman; wish I could say the same for Cox's regulars, who give typically terrible performances that take up a punishing amount of screen time. I'm a Cox fanboy, so adjust your score accordingly - a normal person would be well within their rights to give this one star.