The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Lust, power, and ambition. That was what this was.

Although The Lobster has been sitting in my watchlist for a while now, this film was my first Lanthimos film and what a ride this was. Early on, The Favourite gave me some major Death of Stalin and Phantom Thread vibes which were two of the films I loved last year. Because of that, this film wormed its way into my heart in all of its glory, grandeur, and deviousness.

I simply can't picture anyone else playing the main three roles except for these three. The chemistry between Stone, Coleman and Weisz is insane, and I felt like the story would not be the same without that energy exchange. Weisz's Sarah Churchill is domineering and sharp, Stone's Abigail Hill is gentle but with quiet sinister, and Coleman's Queen Anne is a perfectly fragile image of a lonely woman falling apart.

The Favourite is a fresh take on a story from a different time, while keeping true to the essence of the events which inspired it. I particularly enjoyed the style of dark humour, as well as the interesting decision to use fish eye lenses that gave you more awareness of the space and its mood at that moment. This film was perfectly mad, and I'm living for it.

Also, can we talk about Nicholas Hoult? Because even with that powerful main cast, he manages to steal the scene whenever he needs to.