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  • Seven Samurai
  • PlayTime
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • Tokyo Godfathers

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  • Slumber Party Massacre

  • The Dry

  • The Green Knight

  • Coming Home in the Dark

Recent reviews

  • A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1: A Catalyzing Event

    A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1: A Catalyzing Event

    With the help of YouTube, complete the journey of a comedian the film features (name omitted to protect the unprincipled partisan hackery). Watch in the film how he runs circles around Bill Kristol and feel the vitriol he directs at a cheerleader for the Iraq War. Then jump on The Algorithm and watch the same man manufacture consent for the dirty war in Syria, licking boots of its cheerleaders and mocking attempts to withdraw troops.

    If these clips had existed…

  • The Town of Headcounts

    The Town of Headcounts

    In order to escape his debts, Aoyama accepts an invite to The Town. He gets dropped off with a busload of other people to this community. After receiving a mandatory injection in the back of the neck he is guided to a free hoodie and keys to his own room.

    Citizens of the town are referred to as “Dudes” and “Fellows.” The ones in charge are “Tutors.” It is shown that most Fellows are coming from a form of hardship.…

Popular reviews

  • After the Storm

    After the Storm

    Kore-eda doing his take on the detective genre. That should be reason enough to go see After the Storm, both a spiritual successor to Still Walking for the Hiroshi Abe/Kirin Kiki pairing as son/mother and to his recent Our Little Sister for the strong presence a deceased family member might have on their family, sometimes a bigger presence than when they were alive.

    Ryota (Abe) describes himself as an author though his first and only novel, an award winner, came…

  • Bitter Honey

    Bitter Honey

    The relationship between artist and muse and the relationship between artist and his characters is the focus of Gakuryu Ishii's latest film. Gone is the punk aesthetic of the majority of his work but what remains is a film with inventive flourish and mood swings to match those of the goldfish turned nubile nymphet Akako (Fumi Nikaido) and the aging writer (Ren Osugi) she is in love with. The appearance of the ghost of one of the writer's many women…