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  • One Way Passage
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre
  • Topos
  • Mauri


184 films

  • August in the Water
  • Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.
  • Uncle's Apartment
  • Glory to Us, Death to the Enemy
  • The 1002nd Ruse


462 films

watched home movie twice

  • La Jetée
  • Hapax Legomena I: (nostalgia)
  • Frank Film
  • And the Dogs Were Silent
  • The Falls

in the archive

43 films

I just want to see close-ups of hands touching old things, static shots of medium close-ups of people looking directly…

  • The Saragossa Manuscript
  • Hapax Legomena I: (nostalgia)
  • And the Dogs Were Silent
  • La Machine
  • The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting

murder in the archive

18 films

a system or text is in place, which in turn reveals more than expected

recs appreciated :)

  • Manila in the Claws of Light
  • Orinoco, New World
  • Mary from Beijing
  • Francisca
  • The Washing Machine

focused watchlist

210 films

Gonna watch these

  • Salomé
  • Five-Year Diary
  • The Hamburg Syndrome
  • Nomad
  • Final Victory


73 films

ACR shorts,

  • Satan's Rhapsody
  • A Page of Madness
  • Vampyr
  • The Uninvited
  • Viy
  • Secrets of a Soul
  • Lady in the Dark
  • Spellbound
  • The Locket
  • Secret Beyond the Door

Psychoanalysis and Film

14 films

Films in which psychoanalysis, or a character who is a psychoanalyst, is a major diegetic element.

Movies that are easily…

  • High and Low
  • Bastards
  • The Seventh Veil
  • I've Always Loved You
  • Mahal
  • Nobody's Children
  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
  • Adelheid
  • Identikit

some good films

20 films

here are some films that are good

  • Daydreams
  • The Fire
  • Satan's Rhapsody
  • The Blue Bird
  • Male and Female

In the tradition of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

88 films

Started out literal but has evolved, fill up that frame with as much decadence as you can. Trying to avoid…