Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

My kid mind was blown by Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. A little later and I felt like something was wrong with teen me — I could not catch the Kill Bill vibe upon which all the other cools my age surfed. Ten years ago I saw the first US screening of Basterds sitting next to a bunch of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings and the high was so potent that I am feeling it writing this post. Though a few years later, I caught a DGA test screening of Hateful Eight with QT who took notes and questions afterwards in a session that can be most favorably described as ...reeally awkward. Such whiplash following this guy.

So I was nervous to see this on my 30th birthday, even in sweet seats and at the theater from the poster. Was it going to feature some objectionable shit that I’d forever have to tie to the occasion? Was he going to waste the drama like last time? Was it even going to be good? 

My man. Thank you QT! Not only was this good (best Tarantino color palette in 25 years?), it was thoughtful and uniquely kind among his movies. I can catch a kind vibe. Also— Leo touched me. Of all the things I expected, good and bad, I did not expect this movie to touch me.

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