Malcolm & Marie ★★

Distractingly self-indulgent. Levinson is so obviously using Malcolm to speak his own personal frustrations and it comes off incredibly grating and eye-rolling. The script goes in circles with monologues that just begin and just end spoken from characters that aren’t ever fully realized.
Washington and Zendaya are both great, they give everything they’ve got to this lackluster script. Especially Zendaya, she’s one of the best actresses working today by absolutely no exaggeration.
There are little things and moments that aren’t quite insufferable, but the more I think about it and the more I sit with it the more it all felt like a waste of two hours. Like, glad you got your little therapy session made into a big Netflix film after you got one little bad review on a past movie, but the result feels like a hundred mediocre “man and woman fighting” plays I had to sit through in college, and not much else. I do not sympathize one second with your self-insert mouthpiece character and the fact that you crafted this script thinking I would? Speaks volumes about you and your own ego.
But I hear Euphoria is good, so! Good job with that!

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