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  • Swing-by


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Dude, just try to actually communicate instead of sending someone into space while they're sleeping, how about that?

  • Fake Friends Episode Two: Parasocial Hell

    Fake Friends Episode Two: Parasocial Hell


    I really think that if you are or have been active in fan spaces of any kind, you should give Shannon Strucci's Fake Friends video essay series a watch (why only part 2 is on here is beyond me). This video essay confronted me with my own past actions and the main reason for my current disconnect from certain fan spaces.

    I watched this two times. On a rewatch I thought some sections could have been shorter or cut because…

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  • Suck Me Shakespeer

    Suck Me Shakespeer


    I watched this is in the cinema because someone else paid for it and I hated every minute of it. And then I thought I'd never have to see it again. But boy, was I wrong. I don't remember who brought the DVD to the 11th grade class trip but screw you. We had to take a bus for over 10 hours or so to Italy and this was apparently the only working DVD we had at hand so we…

  • Mickey's Orphans

    Mickey's Orphans

    Why did Mickey think that giving the kittens, who had already been a nuisance at this point, saws and guns would be a good idea? What outcome was he hoping for here?