• The Killing of Two Lovers
  • Percy



    In Percy vs. Goliath, strong-willed canola farmer Percy Schweiser (Christopher Walken) is sued by the faceless corporation Monsanto for using their patented seeds without a licence.

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  • Minamata



    Andrew Levitas’ Minamata is beautifully shot with poignant moments interspersed with its inspiring story arc. However, its slow-pacing and formulaic structure blunt its messaging on the power of individuals.

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  • My Name Is Gulpilil
  • Death of a Ladies' Man

    Death of a Ladies' Man


    Death of a Ladies’ Man playfully mixes hallucinogenic fantasy with the grim reality of mortal death, all set to the husky and poetical stylings of Leonard Cohen.

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  • Ema



    Pablo Larrain’s latest film ‘Ema’ pulsates with an unrelenting energy that utilises street dance as a liberating escape from psychological and patriarchal imprisonment.

    Set in the neon-soaked city of Valparaiso in Chile, platinum-haired Ema (Mariana di Girolamo) is the lead dancer in her husband Gaston’s (Gael Garcia Bernal) dance company. The film begins at an ethical juncture whereby the couple have adopted a young child, Polo, as they are unable to conceive of their own. However, Polo’s violent and incendiary…

  • Schemers
  • A Story of One's Own

    A Story of One's Own

    Amandine Gay’s A Story of One’s Own is an educative film with illuminating findings about international adoption.

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  • The Man In The Hat

    The Man In The Hat


    The unnamed titular character of ‘The Man in the Hat’ witnesses a possible crime and flees the scene in his Fiat 500, while five goons chase him in their Citroen Dyane.

    However, this languid car chase serves as the inciting incident for a blissful travelogue of French countryside. Almost entirely bereft of dialogue, this physical comedy is entirely crowded with incident, as the protagonist (Ciaran Hinds) encounters many eccentric characters in unusual situations. As a range of distinct figures frequently…

  • This Is Port Adelaide

    This Is Port Adelaide

    A documentary about the tribalism and fervent passion evoked from supporting football teams, This Is Port Adelaide is an unabashed celebration of the club’s history on its 150th year of existence.

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  • Supernova



    The title itself alludes to the film’s central premise: Supernova is about a couple deeply in love, and when an endpoint to their relationship is revealed, their emotions and sadness burst in all directions. It is a lovingly crafted film with terrific lead performances, and challenges conceptions of how humans cope with death. 

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  • Rosemary's Way

    Rosemary's Way

    This celebration of migrant women coming out of their shells sheds light on Rosemary’s positive work, but also motivates ordinary Australians to engage with the country’s multicultural heritage.

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