Southland Tales ★★★

Richard Kelly's fatalist bewilderment extended to the War on Terror, absolutely buried in pot-smoke and the belief that this is probably the last movie anyone will let him make, so he can't leave anything out. Kinda like Fulci where a lot of the individual parts are shoddy and dysfunctional but the final result is an overall feverish atmosphere that I really respond to. There are so many actors here who were ready to step out of their typecasting and be in a Big Interesting Political Movie and they had faith that cult-director wunderkind Richard Kelly wouldn't let them look stupid and he failed every single one of them.

When I take edibles I gain the ability to access memories with a startling emotional urgency, I can sort of time travel to the feelings I experienced when I was younger, it's like I'm there, I'm 5 again, I'm 12 again, I'm 17 again. This has the same effect to me, for the Bush years.

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