Southland Tales ★★★★★

there are a few things you'll just have to buy without question if you want to fully enjoy Southland Tales.
1. that you won't understand everything the first time around and will probably have to watch it a few times before you even begin to comprehend what is going on.
2. that the earth is slowing down because of the effect utopia three has on the occean which means that every single character in the film is either insane or going insane.
3. that nearly every single character is high on fluid karma whch means they are able to preseve the plot and do thus know exactly the things they need to know and know exactly what they will have to do to move the plot forwards, even though some of them may not know why they have to make these specific decisions or what consequences they will have, they just know that they will have to make them in order to happen they way it has to happen (it had to be this way).
4. that this is a less confusing retelling of the book of revolations so every character and every event has a counterpart in that book, so to fully understand the film you will have to either read the book of revolations or read enough about it to sort of understand what the film is hinting at (the baron is the antichrist, stiffler is the new messhia, the rock is a false prophet, and so on and so forth).
5. that everyone is double-crossing everyone else in one way or another, no one is who he seems he is.
6.that this is the way the world ends, not with a whimper but with a bang.
7. that teenhorniness is not a crime, so open you're heart and you're mind.
8. that the world would be a lot safer if everyone got more cardio.
9. that i'm a pimp, and pimp's do not commit suicide.
10. that there is one undeniable universal truth, that nobody, and i mean nobody, rocks the cock like krysta now.
so if you're able to buy into those things you should be able to fully appreciate this highly underrated masterpiece, or at least get some enjoyment out of it and maybe even come close to the brink of understanding just what is going on.
so if you haven't seen this film i would highly reccomend watching it because it is a absoluetley great and utterly unique experience like no other, so sit down and have a nice apocalypse.

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