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  • The Return of the Living Dead


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    David Lynch Ranked

    David Lynch has spent his whole career trying to convince people that his work isn’t built on moral or political grounds, but is almost entirely a manifestation of his id. This is largely ignored by critics and fans, who find his movies to be such a perfectly encrypted view of our world that there must be a key that unlocks them. It’s fun to search (in vain) for the passage in Laura’s Diary that bridges the gap…

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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Kevin Williamson double feature. ‘Twas a mistake. He absolutely blows. Shame on the 90s for glorifying sophomoric metagenre writers like young Tarantino and this asshole. Unforgivable. We’re still dealing with the fallout.

  • Scream


    The most compelling argument I’ve seen for shooting anamorphic in a while. Looks reeeeal good. I still think, given the ripples that this movie created in the genre, its creation is a net negative, but there are a few Craven grace notes that make this thing special. The noirish cutting between Dewey eating ice cream and his superior smoking a cig is a strange and wonderful moment. Also Matthew Lillard is the franchise MVP; it’s no wonder the sequels pale in comparison.

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out

    Breathtaking feature. Johnson at his whodunnit-loving best.

    Some highlights:

    -Lakeith Stanfield calls Daniel Craig “hoss” no fewer than 40 times.

    -Jamie Lee Curtis won’t stop looking into the camera and mouthing “I was in Halloween.”

    -Not a single knife.

    -Michael Shannon punching Chris Evans in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching Dode in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching me in the mouth (3D screening).

    -It’s actually a prequel to Brick? This didn’t really land tbh.

  • The Magician

    The Magician

    George Melies filmography breakdown:

    10% brilliant, ground-breaking phantasmagoria 

    20% Faust / Mephistopheles 

    70% horny magicians