• Dune



    yay! I liked it! I went into this movie anticipating artsy ambiguity and huge set pieces- and I got it! There’s definitely a shit ton of exposition and world building here but I really liked how it was presented. The zendaya dreams were really cool and a nice way to make people feel like she’s in the movie more. I definitely have some questions about certain aspects of the story but honestly the answers feel like they’re either in the…

  • All Boys Aren't Blue

    All Boys Aren't Blue

    less of a narrative feature and more like a filmed book reading but it’s still really interesting. George M. Johnson’s writing is stunning, I really need to go ahead and buy the book. Beautifully done.

  • Smoke, Lilies and Jade

    Smoke, Lilies and Jade


    “Pardon me, but are you walking towards the stars?”

    It’s somehow more abstract than Looking for Langston (1988)‘s adaptation of “Smoke, Lillies and Jade” but that works against it in a way because there’s so much more they could’ve put here. Still, Alex and Beauty’s story is still captivating even if some underlying aspects of it related to the era concern me. Xavier Ali is both extremely captivating and unreasonably hot which is mildly distracting. Still enjoyed the movie though. This was a great beginning to my newfest 2021 streamings!

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    this movie is SO entertaining wow. Honestly might be my second favorite after the original. I’ll say it

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    It’s actually a comedy classic! is it the best scream movie? absolutely not but it could definitely be the funniest

  • Titane




  • Raw



    They ate

    “This is too much…” - my friend

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    feels like an incredibly fun but realistic coming of age movie for adults. In two hours, it examines so many elements of life both tragic and positive. It’s hilarious, horrifying AND heartbreaking sometimes one after another. Honestly, it’s kinda hard for me to fully explain why but just know that I loved it. The scene from the poster is MAGICAL, btw.

  • Petite Maman

    Petite Maman


    overwhelmingly poignant and magical. I dug nearly everything about this from its beautiful cinematography, amazing performance and compelling dialogue. It’s just such a warm hug of a movie.

  • Scream 2

    Scream 2


    I love college set movies so much

  • Scream



    gay murderers >>>

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    Well it’s over. I originally watched the first episode of scenes from a marriage as soon as I could. I saw Nicole Beharie and jumped. But then afterwards school caught up with me so I wasn’t able to tune in week to week. Luckily today I had the time I binged everything up to the finale. And I really was enjoying myself considering the subject matter! Every episode was this like magnificent presentation of like the highs and lows of…