Remy's Demons ★★★½

"nothing is haunted; we are the ones who inhabit their houses"

i really liked this one, a sincere, personal occult-mystik spookshow of new age bookstorecore (lotsa candles) that only occasionally scrapes against the lead actor's VOD rainmanisms. aisha love is the real thing, genuine, magnetic, & the score's good too; some technical stumbles & light on "scares" but more ambitious and philosophical than this sorta thing usually is, a dramatic journey out of the of the self-destructive myths & "fear frequency" of magick and the occult into something more positive & meaningful (& against "departing consensus reality by exchanging one oppressive belief system for another" as i said re: budd hopkins). take note, falicki fans: far from perfect, but i found it convincing & (legit) affecting, a big step up from the director's retro sorority slasher "bloody drama" (which i also liked). i'll be watching whatever this guy does next

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