Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

one taught me pain. 

Almost a year ago I watched this with my mother, we had argued that day and wouldn’t you know it, we argued today as well. 

This being the final day of “Gretagiving” and the final in my thank u, next series. I wanted to write about how this movie taught me pain, or rather, how to deal with pain. 

I experience pain a lot, whether it’s through my own MH issues messing with my head, or because of my interactions with some people that are toxic to my life, I often find myself in pain right below my gut (that’s where the soul is I’m told). Lady Bird deals with pain a lot as well, because of the snide remarks her mother makes, or because her boyfriend Kyle is a douchebag. Her biggest pain however, is Sacramento. 

Sacramento is very similar to my hometown, Albuquerque. It’s not big enough to get major concerts but not small enough to where we don’t have an airport. I used to hate Albuquerque, and I often wanted to leave, move to New York and become a teacher/writer person. But then I started to pay attention, I noticed the sunsets, and their majestical reds and yellows. I noticed how the leaves change color in the fall. It’s like the Nun says, love and attention are the same thing. 

I guess that Lady Bird taught me how to deal with the pain of hating my city, hating myself, and hating those around me. I have to pay attention to myself, and everything that surrounds me, and eventually I’ll learn to love it. That sounds pretty cool to me, and even if I end up moving to New York  after college (or any new city for that matter) I’ll be back, just like Larry McPherson says Lady Bird will be back. We’ll both be back. 

This was such an amazing Gretagiving and I’m
so glad I was able to revisit these characters after nearly a year! It felt like a thanksgiving dinner in a way, people you haven’t seen in so long, but they treat you like no time has passed at all. I can’t wait for next years Gretagiving, and can’t wait to see how I’ve grown in that year. Hopefully I turn out okay, and hopefully I still know the ending monologue to Lady Bird by heart.

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