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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    I've seen this film about 10 times purely because it was the go-to film for my Religious Education lessons. But watching it in the cinema for the first time (and in 4K no less) was a whole other experience.

    The way the Watchowskis manage to seemlessly blend the intellectually intriguing nature of philosophical monologuing with the excillaration of cool and campy Gun-Fu action is nothing short of cinematic perfection. It's a wonder how well the two blend together.

    But its…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    I have to be honest here, the cinematography makes me cry. No other film manages to make me so emotional at the seemless fusion of visuals and audio like Blade Runner achieves. Through the dense cloud of cigarette smoke that interlaces itself in the eternal rain, Vangelis's intimate jazzy jungle of symphonic synthesizers grow through the cracks of the decrepid buildings of this gorgeously dystopic city to create a world of dread and beauty.

    This is a film of moody…

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  • Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider


    The start was so compelling, as the writing was actually competent, but all of the supernatural stuff was utter cringe. Which is a shame, since the Constantine aesthetic was rather lovely, and every single second of Nicholas Cage was gold - as is natural of his godly status - so I just wish the film was more consistent in quality as I really enjoyed the 'normal' scenes. Basically, Ghost Rider is the culmination of a lot of great and atrocious stuff cobbled together to make something that is just frustrating to watch in its lack of coherency.

    I give this film an E3+

  • Night in Paradise

    Night in Paradise


    I've always loved brutal killings in my films, but I must say the experience is way more fun when it's depressed people doing the slaughtering of entire gangs. While I sadly wasn't much of a fan of I Saw The Devil (which is written by the same guy), the two films are very thematicaly similar, only I found the writing much stronger in this one. Perhaps more straightforward, yet while it might not reach the same harrowing heights, at least…

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  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    Everything about this film just screams masterpiece. The superb acting, the intense action, the beautiful cinematography and the sheer epicness of it all makes my heart leap with joy at every frame. But it’s Moricone’s incredible music that brings Leone’s world to life, elevating the film to the highest echelons of all classics.

    I give this film an A5*

  • Joker



    Visually stunning and comedically horrifying, this cross between Taxi Driver and King of Comedy achieves the impossible... it actually makes you sympathise with a clown.

    Joaquin Phoenix gives his best performance yet - a performance that laughs and dances through the pain and torment he so brilliantly conveys through his eyes. This is a performance so good, no other actor even deserves a nomination this year, and I believe it is time for Heath Ledger to finally give up the…