Naked ★★★★★

What a movie!!! Honestly it has been very long since my mind was blown away in this fashion. I am totally honest when I say that after Oldboy this is the only movie which has come close to knocking me out. I was stunned and left speechless at the end of it. The characters in the movie are so disturbing and truly harrowing. Definitely this is not a movie for everyone. It is filled with incredibly unsettling scenes which will haunt you for days after watching it. David Thewlis plays a character which will be his best performance no matter what he plays after this or what he has played before this. His character is so raw and distinct that it is impossible for anyone watching this to not be stunned by it. The entire movie rests on his shoulders, by which I mean to say that there are very few scenes that are without him on screen and he brilliantly carries out his role and delivers a mind blowing performance. Greg Cruttwell plays a character which so venomous you will want to jump on to the screen and kill him. The movie is such a visceral experience that I felt everyone must be warned before watching it. Surely one of the rawest pieces of cinema I have ever experienced.

The back ground score at the beginning of the movie sets the tone. The incessantly haunting classical piano piece is played throughout the movie perfectly reflecting the turmoil inside the characters. The brilliantly composed music alone is reason enough to watch this. The camera work too is brilliant. It makes you feel each and every single reaction of the characters with tightly held close ups throughout the movie.

The movie is filled with such a rich array of dialogues which touch almost every field you can think of. Right from the beginning it was clear to me that it was built solely as a character piece for David Thewlis and that I was in for a treat. You can watch this solely for the dialogues. They are so varied and encyclopaedic that you can learn such a lot from them. I cannot seem to shower enough praises on this movie. I had low expectations before watching it and now I am completely stunned and speechless. The best honour I can do to this movie is to place it on my list of favourite films which if I did not do would be a case of severely betraying my conscience. Highly recommended.

P.S. I thank Criterion for providing me another masterpiece which would have been unknown to me had I not visited their website.

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