Cruella ★★★½

Was SO excited for this and had so many thoughts after it.

Anyone who knows me probably can vouch that this film really is my aesthetic and from the moment I saw promo pics for this I was ecstatic because Disney was making a grungy 70’s British period piece. That all was true and came to life. The cinematography is incredible in this and so is the set design and costumes. Can truly talk about it for so long. And I did after the movie lol. It’s gorgeous to look at. A film with this aesthetic doesn’t usually get the “Disney” treatment with a huge budget and I loved that the budget was put to excellent use. The visual effects weren’t over the top and they were integrated  seamlessly to create this world.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Wow. Two Emma’s I LOVE. 😍 They killed it and I would say Emma Thompson almost stole the show. I also think Stone did great in this role. I adore her so of course I was excited to see her in this.

I literally can’t stop drooling over the aesthetic of this movie and the rock n roll / concert scene oh my gosh yes and the flamboyance yes but give us more gay next time pls and thank you.

My main issue is the Disney aspect. I’m so torn on my feelings towards Disney. They are this giant corporation monopoly that own so many companies and own films that are violent in nature yet have kept queer and POC voices and characters in the shadows for almost all of the company’s history. It’s fucked up. Violence and adventure is okay but not a real depiction of humans? I’m glad the tide is slowly shifting but Disney has a lot of work to do. On the same note, gosh I love a lot of what they do and I can’t help but be excited when they come out with something.

Also on the Disney aspect, the issue I had with this film was the pre-packaged Disney-ness of it all. Everything wrapped up all nice, and this could’ve been more edgy and more believable.

Would love to see this again and probably could give it a higher score.

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