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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma

    Machine learning is much less intelligent than these People think it is. Part of the fun of social media is how bad and poorly targeted the algorithms are.

  • Tenet


    Started this last night but I got tired it was dope. Christopher nolan is one of the good british people

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  • Barnyard


    This movie has an extended drunk driving joke sequence that I found distasteful

  • 300


    Honestly hoped I would like this but can’t say I did. The first 45 mins are boring as hell, scene after scene of the Spartans talking about how sick they are and how they are going to defend their culture from being erased by the evil Persians or whatever. But what culture do they even have? All they do is stand in a circle in a green screen courtyard and then Gerard butler has boring sex with his wife. It does…