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  • The Siamese Bond

    The Siamese Bond


    In her follow up to the excellent Sleepwalkers, Paula Hernandez focuses on a symbiotic and very toxic mother-daughter relationship.
    Estela and Clota travel from Junín by bus to the coast to check on Estela’s apartments; newly inherited from her father.  The claustrophobic space of the bus is perfect to show us the tense exchanges of their love-hate relationship. Anyone with a bully, bitter and racist family member would empathize with Estela who does what she can to put up with Clota’s manipulations. 
    Valeria Lois (Sleepwalkers) as Estela and Rita Cortese (Wildtales) as Clota give strong performances and have great chemistry.

  • The Tiniest Place

    The Tiniest Place


    For her first feature documentary Tatiana Huezo travels back to Él Salvador, where she was born (her family moved to Mexico when she was 4 years old). 
    In “El Lugar Más Pequeño” The Tiniest Place citizens of the tiny village of Cinquera (in the Cabañas province) recount their experiences during the Salvadorian civil war (which took place roughly from the late 1970s to 1992 when the peace accords were signed). Cinquera was a stronghold of the insurgent movement (FMLN, which after…

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  • The Father

    The Father


    Anthony Hopkins gives the performance of his career playing a character that descents into dementia. What makes the film unique is that we experience the changes from his point of view. You follow along when he confuses characters, places, memories, days. The supporting cast, which includes the always outstanding Olivia Colman doesn’t have a weak link. 
    Expect a best actor nomination (and win?) for Hopkins and supporting actress for Colman

  • The Untamed

    The Untamed


    The film is genre-bending (drama, sci-fi, horror) that actually works, although it won't be everyone's cup of tea. 
    Escalate exposes the hypocrisy of a chauvinistic and homophobic society as well as our most primal desires. All actors in the film are amateurs and all are outstanding.
    Amat Escalante won the Silver Lion and the Austin Fantastic Fest for Best Director. The film also won Director, Supporting Actress, Editing, Special Effects at the 2018 Ariels (the Mexican Oscars)