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  • Coherence



    Having to crack out a review for this after a long inactive period, which should say enough. 

    Coherence teases you in with a familiar superficially happy-family//house invasion premise. But as soon as things start going sideways with some new guests, you find yourself watching every window and doorframe in shot like a nervous wreck. This movie will leave you with no doubt what the single most jarring thing to come across in this situation would be. 

    Having dived head first…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    I envy those watching this for the first time. This film demands your attention through an incendiary combination of mesmerising camera work alongside bleak societal commentary. The performances are muted enough to allow the warzones to bleed through the screen while the cinematic cynicism cuts into your side. Even the most ghastly moments deliver a nagging "How far away are we from this?" to the brain.

    I have seen this film spoken about in regards to one of it's primary…

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  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    A spectacular and warming masterpiece. Every line is quotable in this optimistic and yet surprisingly brutal take on the expectations of the American nuclear family. That may just be from my dozens of watches though. Disney Pixar had no right producing such compelling and vulnerable characters layered with great action and humour.
    It tackles the 'superhero' genre in engaging and relatable ways that the current trends in such franchises so often barely scratch at. Bob Parr's revelations set to the…