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This review may contain spoilers.

Blindspotting is a powerful, timely exploration of race relations in Oakland, but largely reflective of America in general. It smartly blends humour with its heavier, urgent theme work and is bolstered by a handful of impressively layered performances from its lead, with Daveed Diggs shining in particular.

It’s told with an impassioned voice and the blistering social commentary from Diggs and co-writer Rafael Casal cultivates an arresting piece of cinema that leaves a telling mark. 95 sharp minutes allow the film to build in its intensity at a masterful rate and results in a robust, tight film that (brilliantly) refuses to relent. 

It’s not always subtle and some of the narrative developments are clearly only fuel to ignite a larger fire elsewhere, somewhat distractingly at times, but for the most part we should applaud Blindspotting for the way it imparts its important message of identity, community and belonging in such an effective, seething way.

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