Battle Royale

Battle Royale ★★★★½

Been meaning to finally watch Battle Royale for a long time now and now I finally did and it really exceeded my expectations! Quentin Tarantino has once stated that this is one of his favourite movies and it's quite apparent because this really seems like and inspiration for Kill Bill which came out just a few years after this. Some of the blood effects (the carnage just in general), the unique editing and the way the movie sometimes has those flashback segments that come out of nowhere are proof of that.
Anyways the movie itself was really great. The joke that it's basically the hunger games but good has already been made a thousand times but it really is true. The characters in this are of much younger age and are far more interesting and relatable and likable. All of them are great honestly and even the ones that are in it for like one scene are still memorable. I thought the implementation of classical music and especially the score were fantastic aswell.
The ending of the movie was very open to imagination to what would happen afterwards and it was really touching and emotional. There is a sequel to this though I don't know if I'll watch that since it seems to be pretty badly recieved.

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