• The Last Temptation of Christ

    The Last Temptation of Christ


    Catch me doing the Lord‘s work by mud-wrestling naked people crawling out of desert holes while Peter Gabriel goes apeshit on the drums.

  • Lenny



    This feels like a less focused, less coherent version of Fosse‘s prime material, even though it‘s obvious why he was drawn to it (obsessive and explosive artist is burning out fast and bright in their private life) and there are great moments throughout (Bruce bombing while strung out is played in a static one-take). Just too much scumbummery and too little energy for my taste.

  • My Blueberry Nights

    My Blueberry Nights


    Spreads a thick layer of Wong‘s style across a story that just doesn‘t have the deep yearning or profound emotions of his other films. Makes a good case for my defence of the mid-2000s color aesthetic, the last real hoorah for film (the physical medium) in mainstream cinema.

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    I was expecting a nightmare, but not something that actually operates on the logic of one. Ahhhhhhhhh.

  • 24 Frames

    24 Frames


    Made me sleepy! Which would have pleased Kiarostami. Cool thought experiment that‘s kind of self-defeating in some parts and then super effective in others? Good mood piece though. Good night!

  • Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona


    Holly Hunter has about five Hall of Fame line readings in this movie and John Goodman screams a lot. 9/10!

  • The Beguiled

    The Beguiled


    White Narcissus, or, 94 gorgeous, funny, eerie minutes of blonde women desperately wanting to fuck Colin Farrell, simmering desire spilling over into gothic terror.

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    I almost wish there was something in here that allowed me to distance myself from the meltdown onscreen, some pocket of irony, a little refuge from the paralyzing intimacy. But no.
    Fascinating to see traces of this in almost every indie film after this.

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    prideandprejudicehandflex.gif but it‘s 98 minutes long

  • Breathe



    Looking, performing, obsessing. Being a teenager is so fucking weird. I wish every coming of age story was this well-directed.

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    I audibly sighed at the sight of a movie theater. This fucking pandemic really does a number on you huh.

  • Dragon Inn

    Dragon Inn


    On some level I wanted them to break out the really flamboyant wire acrobatics a lot earlier but the reveal that the king of the eunuchs is somehow the biggest motherfucker on earth also has its merits.