Black Dynamite ★★★★½

Move over Chuck Norris ... here comes a super badass that's funny as hell known as Black Dynamite!

"I wanna tell you a story about a friend I've had. He's a mean motherfucker and he's super bad. So grab on to your seats and hang on tight ... while I tell you a story about Black Dynamite."

I really needed a great laugh and this homage/parody of the blaxploitation genre had me busting out laughing the whole time. The awesome swagger, funky music, over the top action, and slightly awkward line delivery all come together perfectly for this story all about cleaning up the streets and sticking it to the man.

"Now Aunt Billy, how many times have I told you not to call here and interrupt my Kung Fu!"

(Quick Hits)

- The grainy look of the film along with its warm color palette did a great job of making this feel like a 70s flick

- Michael Jai White plays Black Dynamite who is an ex-CIA agent with a license to kill that comically takes down everything in his way to get revenge for the death of his brother

- In addition to kicking ass it is also fun to see our hero be super smooth with the ladies who find him irresistible. The sex scene turning into an animated version of the Kama Sutra was a great touch. But there is also that moment where he becomes scary mean to that one girl

"The worst thing about these pushers ... getting these children addicted to this new smack is that these children are orphans, and orphans don't have parents!"

- I did not recognize most of the cast, so it was fun to spot a few bigger name actors like Tommy Davidson, Arsenio Hall, Kym Whitley, Mike Starr, and Bokeem Woodbine

- Chili and donuts ... yuck LOL! Chicken and waffles, now that's more like it

- Well I have never seen an action montage quite like that before! It is ridiculously over the top with random action clips and stock footage, which made it not as engaging as your typical montage ... except for him taking out that one guy by picking up his car with a huge magnet

Spoilers ... "Can you dig?"

- It is hard to not just describe so many moments as just being straight up hilarious, but that scene when Black Dynamite and his guys figure out this elaborate scheme involving the Malt Liquor being drugged was just that

- But the side effect the Malt Liquor has might be the one part where the comedy was a bit too ridiculous for my taste

- This movie definitely does not shy away from the stereotypes of the 70s as they head to Kung Fu Island. That fire on the main baddie's head is my new favorite use of bad CGI for comedic effect

- This scheme goes all the way to the top as he confronts tricky Dick Nixon who surprisingly holds his own against Black Dynamite to give the finale a bit of tension

- Even the ghost of Abe Lincoln gets in on the action

"Black Dynamite, you're so righteous. This is also true ... Because wherever there's injustice, wrongs to be righted ... innocents to be defended, Black Dynamite will be there ... delivering ass-whoopings."

- Stick around during the credits for some great Black Dynamite animation, and I will have to check out the animated series at some point

So far I have really enjoyed these homages to blaxploitation, and it is about time that I check out some actual films from that era. Can you all give me some recommendations on where to get started?

Thanks for reading.
Happy movie watching ... Skål!

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