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  • The Uninvited
  • Die Siebzehnjährigen
  • The White Eagle
  • The Story of a Maid

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  • Return of the Fly


  • Terror Train


  • Night of Terror


  • Firefly


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  • Return of the Fly

    Return of the Fly


    Scientists really didn't care about contamination yet again in this direct-to-black-and-white sequel to The Fly. They even knew a fly was in their lab and they did nothing. Nothing.

    About the only positives are Vincent Price and the fly's costume.

  • Terror Train

    Terror Train


    That Groucho Marx guy sure is a buzzkill.

    Horny college students on a train during New Year's Eve should have been edgier. I don't know. It was tame and a master of none, BUT it was set on a train with occasional neon pink light hallway shots and it had David Copperfield performing magic.

    Actually, David Copperfield should have been the killer. Now, that'd be one slight of hand worth watching.

    The last fifteen minute showdown with Jamie Lee Curtis was wonderful.

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  • The Jane Austen Book Club

    The Jane Austen Book Club


    Hugh Dancy: I'm going to be adorably awkward for the next 1.5 hours
    me: *incoherent screaming noises*

  • Alphaville



    Let's play Godard bingo, y'all!

    a man narrating about deep philosophical things
    people smoking in cars
    a man hitting a woman
    repetitive sudden dramatic music
    a male protagonist who is demure and never laughs

    a fedora and trenchcoat
    a quote for the entire film (I shall fight so that failure is possible)
    a man lecturing a woman on very important things (tm)
    a bird's eye point of view of walking around traffic
    a naked or near naked woman

    a discussion…