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Daniel PG Simpson


Known on Youtube as Eyebrow Cinema. I like movies and Heavy Metal.

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  • Henry V

    Henry V


    Kenneth Branagh's first big movie and an adaptation that seemed to launch a new wave of high profile Shakespeare adaptations. I'd previously been exposed to Henry V through the Laurence Olivier version, but my memories of it are fuzzy outside of a general sense of pro-English propaganda aimed for war-time audiences. Branagh's film comes in a radically different socio-political climate and the result is a much more mournful take on Henry's conquest of France. Battle scenes emphasis the ugliness of…

  • Through a Glass Darkly

    Through a Glass Darkly


    Through a Glass Darkly is largely brilliant; a thematically rich movie which deftly weaves spiritual and psychological anguish with beautiful cinematography and a collection of multi-faceted performances from some of Ingmar Bergman's key collaborators. By any measure, this is great cinema. And yet, I don't quite like this movie as much as I feel like it should. There's a lot here I love - the characters and the way they effect each other, the unrelentingly open and unflinching dialogue, the…

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  • Inception



    I've never really understood the people who hate on Inception. This is a truly awesome movie that thrills in a veriety of ways. The very concept is enticing enough, but Nolan's intricate creation and exploration of the idea is what makes things great. This is a fully fleshed out idea that has depth and intricacy, and to see Nolan do so many creative things with such a fresh science-fiction concept is really a treat. Additionally, I really like all of…

  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad

    Thomas and the Magic Railroad

    There's a lot to say about Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It's very boring, it has production value well below what you'd expect from a theatrical production, and that Peter Fonda plays his character's depression with Ulee's Gold levels of conviction to the point of it being hysterical given this is a movie intended for babies.

    But none of that matters. What matters is that Mike from Red Letter Media shows up in the first five minutes as an uncredited juggler? What the hell am I supposed to make of that?