Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Half of the movie I had my eyes rolling, because this is sooo dumb, and annoying lol stilll somehow watched this 10 hours of crap.
It wanted to be fresh and edgy, but it just wasnt, and the motives, and character connections was just so dullllll stupid. No sense at all.
I guess Zack was proudly sit on his chair when he saw the visuals, but actually this movie was ugly, it was tooo much visually.
And i felt like it some Dwayne Johnson x Expandables rip-off and those kind of movies already gives me chills in a bad way.
The lesbian pilot should die first, she was soo annoying.

But somehow this was still a bit of enjoyable.ú

But pls, can zombies act like zombies???

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