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  • Blood Tea and Red String

    Blood Tea and Red String


    what does it mean that this movie was released on my birthday several years ago. nothing, i know. but still....i wonder

  • All About Eve

    All About Eve


    #19: Happy Aquarius season! Watch a film starring an Aquarius of your choice.

    i honestly was too nice in my review from last year. if you can't discern between greed / unhealthy obsession + gay feelings/desire take it up with the judge! enough

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  • Thumbsucker



    #11: Watch a movie starring respectful Virgo king Keanu Reeves. The cheesier, the better. Bonus points if it’s one of the last two Matrix films or John Wick 3.

    this is SO SO SOOOO long and kinda boring. it really does feel like three different movies in one. keanu fully would just float in and out at random intervals to remind me why i bothered w this film and well. look all i'm saying i could've just fast-forwarded to his parts and i would've been good to go

  • The Interview

    The Interview


    if you ever think you need a dutch angle i promise you do not