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If you ever see me watching anything from after 1970, no you didn’t ❤️

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  • Amélie



    I refused to watch this for eons because it just seemed so precious and cutesy and sugary, and its entire legacy on the internet is that picture of Amélie holding a spoon and smiling and then cracking her creme brulee with it, and I despise creme brulee more than anything, so I ended up disliking Amélie despite knowing nothing about it. As it turns out, I am Amélie! And I would have watched it way sooner if the scene everybody…

  • A Canterbury Tale

    A Canterbury Tale


    Me talking to my parents about how my new favourite movie is about a mysterious man named "The Glue Man" who pours glue on women's hair at night, but it has an amazing female lead and a great cast of child characters, and it's actually about community and the losses both physical and emotional suffered during wartime, but the ability to still find happiness and achieve your dreams in times of crisis: 💖✨💖✨🥰🥰🥰💖😻

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    gonna go ahead and say that the scene with mads mikkelsen crying in the church on Christmas eve might be one of the best performances I've seen maybe ever. also I'm struck with just how brilliant of a screenplay this is, as we come to despise the actions of the people who believe klara but also grow wary and distrustful of the people who believe lukas without a second thought and treat the situation with such a disgusting glibness. I…

  • Pride & Prejudice

    Pride & Prejudice


    Emma Thompson was brought in as a ghost writer on this and I like to think she came up with “what excellent boiled potatoes” because it really is one of the all time greats

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  • Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre


    My ABSOLUTE favourite part of this masterpiece is when Jane’s like “I’ve never seen a city!! I’ve never even talked to a man!” and like five minutes later Michael Fassbender shows up and is like “ forest elf....from what woodsy hovel do you you find me bewitching fairy my wife.....” like how do you REACT

  • Normal People

    Normal People


    Ranking Marianne’s style evolutions:
    1. English/PoliSci Student Discovering Anthropologie (long skirts, eyeliner, magnificent cable knit sweaters, bohemian dresses)
    2. Het Call Me By Your Name aka Somewhere In Northern Italy (sundresses)
    3. Full-Blown Swedish BDSM (all black, fur)
    4. Insecure High School Student (mini skirts, tights, bralettes)
    5. Intro to BDSM (black and red)
    6. Emotionally Satisfied Fourth Year (very similar to how I dress therefore boring, unfair to rate last but I was crying too much to notice her clothes)