National Treasure

the experience of watching this fastidiously accurate and sharply written thriller is second only to solving the rigorous riddles that accompany National Treasure's Special Features. so imagine my and @scullys joy when we discovered, after labouring through every single extra and deleted scene and bonus episode of Treasure Hunters to collect these Hidden Clues™ at the end of each, that the Herculean effort we put in to understanding themed easter eggs in a DVD menu from 2004 would culminate not in a special message from the King of History nicolas cage himself, but in ... an easy-access special features menu. that's right chaps, we gathered every single hint, carefully pieced them all together and unlocked each individual video, and we were amply rewarded with ... a full list of links to those very same videos. I've been trying to think of a way to describe the particular feeling this expereince inspired all day but I am forced to conclude I am simply lost for words. no description can do justice to the clandestine wonders of the National Treasure (2004) DVD Special Features' Treasure Hunt and its accompanying 3D Illuminati symbol, which spins around relentlessly as you pour over each cryptic puzzle, the all-seeing eye seeming to pierce right through to your very soul.

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