Favorite films

  • Taste of Cherry
  • Yearning
  • Only Angels Have Wings
  • Monsieur Verdoux

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  • A Quiet Place


  • Candyman


  • The Dead Zone


  • Arrival


Recent reviews

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    Finally watched this and found it extremely competent in the most damning way imaginable. It “hits,” but I don’t particularly like being hit by the stunted imagination of an uber traditionalist normie like Krasinski.

  • Candyman



    Nothing really works here. Genre commitments and thematic commitments consistently get in the way of each other, and the film feels like a series of fits and starts with little unity of purpose. Certain choices betray a lack of intuitive filmmaking, for example some of the flashiest shot constructions are given to scenes with the flimsiest narrative justification, which only shines a spotlight on their awkward insertions. I’m thinking specifically of the tracking shots following the teenage girl at the…

Popular reviews

  • The Midnight Sky

    The Midnight Sky

    Half a star for the most awesomely half-hearted Sweet Caroline sing-along on film

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor

    The Haunting of Bly Manor

    The Haunting of Blah Manor is probably best explained as psychological warfare on all the innocents currently confined to their homes.

    Repetitive on end with intention but no purpose. An array of gimmicks (hardly even) searching for a meaning. All the emotional and psychological depth of a puddle. A penultimate-episode detour into historical backstory less convincing than a Drunk History re-enactment. “Dear listener,” stay away!