The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★½

Im still not totally convinced. It's pretty obvious how much Lanthimos had to scale back his obvious style, for example are the dialogues not as emotionless and monotone as in his other films. You can still feel his unique way of shooting films though, and i really like it, i just wished that he would go crazier on this film, i felt that he was holding back, i wanted more insanity. It's a very bleak film by exploring the notions of greed and hunger for power at any cost, yet far from his other works which are way darker and more ruthless like "the lobster" or "dogtooth". Also don't like the fish-eye angle.
However, it's still a great funny and witty drama, it looks fantastic and has a great pacing. The dynamics and power struggle between the characters are simply amazing.🇬🇧

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