Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½


Sound of Metal got even better for me on this rewatch, as I appreciated the performances even more, and the sound editing became even more effective, as I found more points for me to personally relate to the sudden alteration to Ruben's way of life, in comparison to some life-altering events I have had in my own life. Plus, I could further appreciate the central point of Ruben's character development; that he should learn to embrace his new lease on life, instead of doing a futile attempt at trying to regain what he once had. With all this said, I do still think the cinematography was more on the bland side than it had to be, and I still think Olivia Cooke's Lou should have had more screentime and be more fleshed out, as I still would want a better understanding of how Ruben made her life better. There's definitely some emotional depth that could be explored further in that particular narrative aspect.

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