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  • Flic



    A broken self that dreams of something better in a meaningless existence. Repetitive shot experimentation. Bread and movies. Tone-shifts that changes this from fantastical, tense, soothing to disturbing. Combination of a subtly maximalist and full-on minimalist style. Entering the mirror where reality is hazy. White awakening; the repetitive dreams, maybe these will make you dream of something better while the beautiful ambient music plays. This movie is a masterpiece, though it depends on the viewer who watches it. What will happen after the car trip? "I'm not sure." he answers. This is the phrase that makes up the whole film.

  • Last Life in the Universe

    Last Life in the Universe


    Where must one be in the stratosphere? The last of your own. The infinite sadness never goes away, it's just aching through the room. Flying objects and interchangeable people. Loneliness in an unpredictable world where international connections are quick, we may not know everyone, but there needs to be someone out there to rub and create sparks with. The ever closing loneliness here calls back to Edward Yang's The Terrorizers while the genre; romance aspects call back to Wong Kar-wai…

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  • Victim



    Wishing it will last forever. Darkly-felt (rage). Blend of tones that will not work for everyone. My personal favorite Tony Leung Ka-fai performance. Low-key undercranked in sound design. Under the flowers, buried by the bricks. People become victims of it, in the beginning and end.

  • Infection



    Oh, how I wish to go back being me during the mid to late-2000s watching and being terrified of mainstream J-Horror. Nobody is doomed. Most of the true horror left off-screen. Performances that aren't heavy enough. The green goo. Nice ambience of the unknown. An exploration of workplace overload to wasted usage of supernatural nonsense that isn't warranted enough.

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  • Taipei Story

    Taipei Story


    An attempt to know someone truly and an attempt to know what is known as you. Architectural framing. These are all similar-looking buildings that make you invisible to those on the streets and where you can't even tell which ones were designed by you. "I wanna go somewhere better." though what if it's just the same as here? The biggest events are distanced from us when it's shown here. After all, we still need glasses for this, it's hard to…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    Loveless. Heightened reality stylization. Song 1818 wishes someone to forget. Fuzzed out romantics. Haze in bullets. Time is dependent on shutter speeds. The ethereal longest nights moonlighting their dreams. I can't forget it (oh). Expired pineapple changes people. Final victories, last lizards and fallen angels. Finding the eternal rose. To those whose fathers will be missed and to those whose elbows can't create sparks, this is a motorcycle ride to a road named warmth.