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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    I am an extremely nice guy. Really.

    I want to think that if I saw Carey Mulligan passed out across a bar I would go to check on her. I want to believe that I would be doing that with the noblest of intentions (like calling a cab). There is no way I would ever take advantage of her (like I said, I want to believe that).

    I'm afraid to review this movie truthfully in accordance with my real opinion…

  • The Girl on a Motorcycle

    The Girl on a Motorcycle

    Here's a grudge I will forever hold against The Girl On a Motorcycle: it made the unfortunate mistake of attempting to develop a plot. I was fine with everything until then for a few reasons:
    1. Long, somewhat pointless psychedelic and scenic interludes. (There's even a ripped-off from Fellini dream sequence involving a circus and crocodile tears. It's deep, man!)
    2. Marianne Faithful at the height of her good looks held in close up while she philosophically rants in voice…

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  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath

    Watching Boris Karloff dubbed into Italian is a bizarre experience. The self-deprecating humor and genuine menace still translates. But the accent he is dubbed with is straight out of a bad Italian food place commercial. The Karloff voice we all know is nowhere to be found.
    The positive news is that it doesn't deter from the rest of the film. This is very much an anthology; the tropes felt overtly familiar because modern horror has plumbed so much from them.…

  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once

    Continuing to work my way through the more forgotten films of Fritz Lang's American career. I sincerely hope they are not regarded as "cast offs." The fascinating element about watching You Only Live Once is seeing movie conventions being invented. This was one of the first "couples on the run" movies. Arguably, outside of Gun Crazy, it's far better than most of the ones that followed. This veers wildly between melodrama and noir while the tonal shifts feel justified.