Scarface ★★½

This film has gained cult classic status but I'm not sure why. The story is pretty interesting, but it's made less so by Pacino's one-dimensional performance. It's obvious that the film isn't the most realistic, but my complaint is that there isn't even a semblance of realism.

The film bashes you over the head with its message when it chooses to convey a message, but most of the time De Palma is content with just running the camera while Pacino makes a fool of himself. This is where Al Pacino stopped being an actor and started becoming just a parody of himself. There would be no going back after this movie.

While I've been negative about it, it's not terrible. Michelle Pfeiffer is pretty good and there's some slick direction, but that's about it. There isn't enough good in this movie to make up for its nearly 3 hour runtime.

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