Her Smell ★★★★★

I'm shattered. That first half is so fucking wild & dizzying I could barely manage. I haven't felt like that watching a film since Climax or Krisha.

First of all... the sound design is GENIUS. The film is already worth checking out for the sound mixing & original score alone, so the crazy cathartic narrative is just the cherry on top. Whoever thought of the simple/genius idea of dividing the film in two opposite sides deserves all the fucking Oscars N whatnot. I was totally, unashamedly engrossed every single second.

You know who also deserves Oscars? Elizabeth Moss. She fucking brings it. But let's not forget about that whole cast. The level of excellence in this is crazy. Shit, Moss isn't even in what's probably my favorite scene of the whole film, when all the side characters are arguing about her, lol. Oh, and Cara Delevingne, of all people, is fucking GREAT. She has a really special screen presence.

But yeah... I was literally shaking over that last act. That NEVER happens to me, outside of... like... 3 or 4 films. Only when it ended I realized I was out of breath.
Also, some of the back & forth really reminded me of the same in All That Jazz. Lots of clever stuff sprinkled in there.

There's just a lot of feelings flying through my head right now after watching this mad-house so I'm gonna leave it at that for now. Really gotta get my shit together lmao
But this easily lands up there with my favorites of the year. Top 5 material.

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