Cats ½


edit: Despite any benefit of the doubt i could muster up before the film started, nothing prepared me for honestly one of the more baffling experiences I've had watching a film. From start to end my mind raised so many questions concerning both the film itself and the choices made for the films sake. It is genuinely hard to think of an aspect of this film I liked outside of 1 or 2 songs being alright and some performances being tolerable. However none of that is worth the nearly two hour experience that is this movie. The only part of the movie that garnered so much as a chuckle was when one cat points out that Missoffelees was a magician to which he responds "what?". That's it. A throwaway line.
It didn't occur to me until a friend pointed it out that this film is rated PG. I legitimately feel sorry for any kid that gets dragged along by a parent, relative or what have you to see this.
The CGI is abysmal, most of the songs are forgettable, much of the performances are embarrassing, and on top of that I can't even really say that it's enjoyably bad. There are a lot of terrible films out there that are of this level of quality but are much more enjoyable, but this movie just drags. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen, but it might be one of the most embarrassing.

What the fuck is a Jellicle anyway

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