Possessor ★★★★

This gives me Upgrade vibes. Cerebral detached and uneven cinematography juxtaposes warm earthy reds and yellows that drape sequences in the subconscious. Moments that transcend tangible being exist as fragmented converging memories, and the line between control and being controlled is continuously bent and broken in Brandon Cronenberg’s 2020 Possessor. The break neck pacing, while successful in telling an engaging and fast paced story, does leave some possibility for nuance, elaboration, and depth in the dust. There aren’t many movies that I watch and think “that should’ve been longer,” but I feel like that is certainly the case with Possessor. While more could’ve been done to explore the subconscious, and the worlds of both the characters before the events of the story, I still really enjoyed Possessor and it’s currently one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in 2020.

8.2 / 10

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