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  • Thunder Force

    Thunder Force


    Why oh why does Melissa McCarthy insist on making movies with husband Ben Falcone? I mean, she’s one of the most naturally charismatic screen presences of our generation not to mention a tour-de-force talent at both comedy (“Spy,” “The Heat,” etc) and drama (“St. Vincent,” “Can You Ever Forgive Me”), and he’s a pleasant, casually charming supporting player who always manages to shine even in small roles. But as a director-star duo, they’re the pits: I’ve not seen “Superintelligence” but…

  • Airport '77

    Airport '77


    I don’t know how they managed to ferment such a drop-off in quality between “Airport 1975” and this one, but the filmmakers somehow managed to make a star-studded disaster movie about a plane crashing into the ocean and sinking with its passengers still alive inside boring to the point of tears. I mean, how do you even do that?? How do you take a likable leading man like Jack Lemmon and neuter him every chance you get, undermining his character’s…

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  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder


    “Jacob’s Ladder” is one of those acclaimed movies that I somehow managed to avoid for some reason. Maybe it’s the portentous trailer, or the unclear nature of the storyline that never caught my attention, but I decided to casually watch it over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. Viewed through a modern lens, it often recalls the structure of “The Sixth Sense” or “Carnival of Souls” in order to heighten its core mystery, which leads to a series of…

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    From the moment the insistent, “dun dun dun” beats of “Mortal Kombat”‘s infamous theme song begins in the opening credits, every child born in the 1980s feels a little stir in their belly and a rush of adrenaline. That kind of heavy reliance on bombastic, overwhelming stimuli is exactly what’s needed for a one-on-one fighting game adapted into a fairly big-budget studio movie: The kids in the audience aren’t particularly interested in character development, narrative flow, or the exploration of…