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This review may contain spoilers.

I knew it was fun, but I had forgotten how much. Yeah, you can feel that this didn't start out as a Die Hard movie, although that makes it such a good pageturner for execs (the start of the movie is riveting! It's so economical and quick), because by the half way point it forgets the conceit and loses some of its steam (might also be, because Simon got all he wants and doesn't need to play with McClane anymore), but the movie is so quick to think of new action scenes. Even McClane being blasted out of that pipe is a good gag! Play your cards early, so you have to come up with new ones (even though no one needs the last bit and the way McClane finds it out is ridiculous).
I think the camaraderie with Sgt. Al Powell is still the best interplay, but to couple McClane with someone who's even more pissed off and less willing to help is a good runner-up.
So I'm glad Simon decided to roll with the punches and decided to demand his inclusion (but then doesn't kill him in two opportunities).
And the explanation for the brother dynamic is so great.

People always referenced The Dark Knight when Star Trek Into Darkness, Skyfall, The Avengers copied that villain-wants-to-be-captured bit (even though The Silence of the Lambs did it far earlier), but The Dark Knight Rises copied from this!
And I had completely forgotten that this movie also had a great elevator fight!

And boo this movie for completely breaking on the naming convention, because they thought this would be surely the last one leading to ever more ridiculous titles.

And you need good lines for a real Die Hard experience:

Zeus: Are you aiming for these people?
John McClane: No. Well, maybe that mime.

Nothing wrong with him a shower wouldn’t cure. Beer is normally taken internally, John.

As in Die Hard (1988), the German spoken in this movie is mostly grammatically incorrect. A few lines are so wrong, that they have to be considered gibberish (most notably the exchange of the fake cops, who are given the briefcase bomb by Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson)). In the German release, however, all of the lines that were German in the original movie are grammatically correct, fitting the context, and some of the terrorists even have an East German accent.

Well fuck me for watching this undubbbed. I almost didn't understand a single word they were saying.

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