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  • Slacker



    This hit-or-miss vignettes set in a small Texas town mostly didn’t hit. But the idle mood, musing banter, and satisfying little plot arcs end up mellowing you like a drug.

  • School of Rock

    School of Rock


    Soften the edges of Linklater, cook up an absurd and vaguely creepy plot, and let Jack Black’s feel-good charisma do the rest.

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  • Skate Kitchen

    Skate Kitchen


    Love this. Perfect when the friends pile onto Janay’s bed and the conversation bounces with the slow whimsy reserved for kids on a summer afternoon with nowhere to be. When dad intrudes, he only wants to know if they’d like some lasagna.

    The relationship between Camille and Janay is the center of the movie but even the secondary characters feel specific. Kurt lusting after a fight or a fuck; Indigo glamorous and aloof.

    In typical skate rat movies with dudes, skating confers…

  • mid90s



    This movie is a good hang if you like extended shots of kids bombing the LA hills or running from the cops with operatic music in the background. 

    But the characters feel off. The mean ones are too mean and the nice ones are too nice. All as inert as the props that appear in just about every scene to remind us that, yes, this movie takes place in the 90s. 

    Really, everybody’s on screen to bring about growth in the main character,…