Stephen P

Stephen P


Retired with a region free player and a medical marijuana prescription. Livin’ the dream.

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  • Zappa



    The audience for this film is admittedly narrow. Beyond the fandom that no doubt fuelled the production of Zappa, this is an important documentation of the life and work of one of the 20th centuries great artists and composers. Loved by a few, misunderstood by most. This is a beautiful and at times emotional tribute.

  • Killing Birds

    Killing Birds


    Birds are responsible for approximately no killings in this film.

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    Definitive proof that a successful horror film does not require a big budget, lots of gore, tonnes of CGI or an all star cast; just a great idea. It Follows tracks a young woman on the run from a slow moving yet relentless supernatural entity that only she can see. To stay alive she must stay one step ahead of this glacial terror or pass it on to the next victim, but even then, there's no guarantee it won't come…

  • Kill, Baby... Kill!

    Kill, Baby... Kill!


    Gothic Horror perfection.