Thunderball ★★★½

One of the most successful and popular Bond films. Goldfinger broke Bond out as a major movie franchise, the follow up is a step back on virtually every level. I don't care what any one says, this is Connery's worst outing. I mean we can argue about Never Say Never Again, but A, it is not EON, and B, it is the same movie, as the rights to the Thunderball novel was a way to make one last film with Connery as Bond. Honestly I cant say I like either film more or less than the other, there are things to loath and like about both. But that is a different review. My problems with Thunderball, run time, sure just over 2 hours isn't long, but man does it feel like it drags a lot longer than 2 hours. The underwater sequences nearly bore me to sleep. That's really just it with this movie, there are very few great scenes or sequences that make me want to love it, rehashing many of the same things we see in the previous films. Even Largo is just another SPECTRE puppet villain no better than Dr. No. The movie doesnt really do anything special to stand out for me, I even had to look hard for a favorite scene. The only thing Thunderball gets right, is the women. 3 main Bond Girls all are good in their own right. Molly Peters in the early scenes, Claudine Auger as Domino is the main love interest, while she is still more on the damsel in distress side, you can see some ground work for later better characters. And finally Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe the femme fatal, again a lot of ground work for future characters, but really the first of this type. Overall it is a skippable Bond film, no offense to the fans who love it, I just don't see it especially when compared to the previous 3.

Favorite scene, it's a toss up, Desmond Llewellyn's Q out in the field for the first time is nice, but I have to give it to Luciana Paluzzi. After she and Bond are Romantic, it has always been expected that the female villain will turn against the main villain, we saw it in Goldfinger, we will see it again, but here she lets Bond know, he just wasn't good enough. But since its Bonds movie, he gets last word.

"What I did was for Queen and country. Surely you don't think it gave me any pleasure?"

Film rank #19
Theme Song rank #21

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