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  • Death Note

    Death Note

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    This was a ... traumatizing experience. Is as if someone looked at the Death Note anime, asked themselves what made that show great - and then removed every single bit of it. The dynamic between ... well, any characters - gone. The emotionless coolness of L - gone. The creativity of Light - gone. Usually, I like romance subplots, but, again, Misa as a character in the Anime served a completely different function, and Mia in this movie is pretty…

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


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    C3PO and R2D2's adventures is a movie that tells the story of two robots and their significant role in saving the world. Chock-full of charme, this movie (that started an insane franchise) manages to create a universe full of unique races and species, characters with lots of personality (and also, Luke) and a world that just feels vivid and living. Feeling a bit more lighthearted throughout than people give it credit for, it's simply entertaining.
    On the topic of lightheartedness…

  • Snatch



    I always love the kind of movie that has several smaller storylines all connect into one puzzle piece over the course of the film, and this one is no exception. Jason Statham, as always, simply delivers, the humor is british, while not being over the top or unfitting. Very entertaining movie.

  • Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

    Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

    There's not a single merit to this. Not a single one. It doesn't display a rating when you don't specify one, and you can't specify 0 stars. But giving this one even half a star would be way too big a favor for this.